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We have established a very high rapport with our current clients. It gives us great satisfaction knowing we’ve done our job well and served our clients’ interests. We are proud to share few of our client testimonials below.

” I have been using R-Tech Solutions for all my de-installation needs. Jim Roller and his team are true professionals when it comes to removing the equipment, cleaning the room before leaving and delivering the systems. I have the upmost confidence in them when it comes to taking care of all my equipment deinstall needs. ”

Charlene Gregg, Diagnostic Solutions

“I’ve used Jim and his group on several occasions to pull radiology equipment from me.  I can still remember the first time I met Jim at a fluoro room removal in Maryland.  I was immediately put at ease with his professionalism and capabilities.

The equipment was taken out in a very professional manner and packaged very well.  Communication throughout was great!  I’ve always received positive feedback from the facilities to which I’ve sent R-Tech.  Jim is a pleasure to work with.”

Josh Glas, Phigem Parts
” My first encounter with Jim @ R-tech solutions was about 4 ½ years ago when we met in Chicago. We were pulling a GE Cath lab. He was truly professional and was able to adapt and overcome many obstacles that we had encountered during the 3 days of work. Since that time Jim and his crew have completed numerous jobs for me. I am more than happy with R-Tech’s work. “
Barry Feldman, International X-Ray Brokers Inc.

” I have dealt with Jim roller and his Organization for a little over 3 years maybe more. Very dependable very professional does what he says he’s going to do and you can always count on Jim to do the right thing. Very trustworthy with my customers and that’s huge in today’s business world will always continue to do business with Jim and his organization. ”

Charlie, Viking Parts and Equipment

” Imexsal, Corp. has worked with R-Tech Solutions for several years. We have used them over the years for deinstallation & storage of medical imaging equipment. They are prompt, courteous and proficient in the services that they offer. ”

Mary Gauche, Imexsal, Corp.

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