FAQ’s 2018-08-28T12:45:48+05:30

We have put together few frequently asked service questions… and if you don’t find answers to your questions please send us your additional questions.

Does R-Tech Solutions provide weekend services? 2018-08-28T12:10:21+05:30

Yes, R-Tech does provide weekend services. we have found that doing projects on the weekends and after normal working hours is beneficial to the Hospital or Medical facility because patient and staff traffic is at a minimum which makes the process quicker and more efficient for us as well as the customer.

Does R-Tech have the knowledge and capabilities to do room preparation, site and equipment inspections? 2018-08-28T12:09:57+05:30

Yes, R-Tech Solutions Inc. has been completing room and equipment inspections as well as site checks for several companies for many years.

Do we have to go through the original OEM to have a room / suite moved? 2018-08-28T12:09:28+05:30

Contrary to popular belief, Hospitals and clinics do not have to go through the original OEM to have room / suite moved or no longer needed equipment removed and discarded from their facility. Hospitals and Clinics can contact us direct for a quote and removal of equipment.

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